1. Wireless Sensors

Fully wireless temperature sensors for fridges, freezers, servers, water and room temperature constantly measure readings.

2. Online Software

Set minimums and maximums, monitor your results online or get notified automatically when the temperature is out of range.


Get Sensored

It's easy to order, just contact us and we will create a package just for you.

Get Installed

Plug n' Play sensors make installation a breeze, you can do it yourself!

Get Online

All you need is an internet connection and you can access your readings online.

Get Notified

With automatic notifications, you can make sure all your readings are at the right level.


Plug n Play Sensors

Using small, frequency-based, wireless temperature sensors, get readings for any parts of your facility no matter how remote. Sensors are easy to install, just turn them on and they start relaying readings to your online software.

Online Software

Each reading from wireless sensors across your facility is logged into the web interface for easy access. Look up temperature trends for each sensor point, graph or export them all to excel for further analysis. Use as a stand-alone or as part of the integration with Maintenance Care.

Starter Kits

We have packaged a started kit that includes all of the necessary hardware and most popular sensors used by our customers. Kits include general temperature sensors for various applications as well as pipe water temps and room humidity.

Instant Notifications

Get notified automatically as soon as a reading is out of range from your required settings. Choose to delay the notification until more than 1 false reading occurs or decide that you want to receive an email immediately for readings above or below temperature thresholds.

The system will display ongoing alerts and failing systems but you can customize the frequency and severity of each notification.

Easy as 1-2-3



Room Temperature

Get readings from within a space like a bedroom, server room or general open area.


Get readings from within fridges or freezers or any other confined enclosure.


Get readings from within server or computer rooms to maintain equipment.

Temp & Humidity

Get temperature & humidity readings to help determine environmental conditions.


Water Pipes

Get water temperature readings by using the probes placed directly on copper pipes.

Surface Temps

Get the temperature readings of any surface with this probe sensor combo set.


Part of the base package, two repeaters are needed to help transmit data to the Hub.


One needed for each facility to relay all the readings to the database.

  • Step 1

    Get The Hardware

  • Temp/Humidity Sensor
  • Water/Surface Sensors
  • Room/Fridge Sensors
  • Hub and Repeaters
  • Get It
  • Step 2

    Get The Software

  • Live Dashboard
  • Alert Notifications
  • Easy Reporting
  • Customized Settings
  • Get It

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